Céline Flores Willers
LinkedIn TopVoice / The People Branding Company

Céline Flores Willers is one of the best known German influencers on LinkedIn. For her contributions on the topics of innovation, entrepreneurship and future trends she got awarded twice as "LinkedIn TopVoice" (2018 & 2019). With determination and the frequent publication of video content, she has laid the foundation for her current career. Thanks to her broad reach, Willers is a successful host and speaker and further works as a consultant in the field of personal branding and innovation. Running „The People Branding Company“ she helps multinational brands and professionals harness the power of personal branding in order to drive influence and reach. Their customers include many renowned companies, including ERGO and KPMG.

Sessions with Céline Flores Willers

Céline Flores Willers - The People Branding Company

Céline Flores Willers
10/30, 11:15