Digital congress for deep-tech startups

Exploring tomorrow.

ATEC X is a fully virtual congress for deep-tech startups taking place October 29th and 30th.

The first ATEC congress was held in 2010. So for our 10th anniversary we are proud to present the most outstanding speaker line-up and exciting sessions we’ve ever had.

Agenda Highlights

Dr. Carolin Gabor – Joonko_io

Carolin Gabor
10/29, 10:00

Sven Schmidt –

Sven Schmidt
10/29, 10:45

Maximilian Tayenthal – N26

Maximilian Tayenthal
10/29, 11:30

Frank Thelen – Freigeist Capital

Frank Thelen
10/29, 12:00


Thomas Hähn, Elisabeth Clausen, Kristina Wagner
10/29, 13:45

Florian Heinemann – Project A Ventures

Florian Heinemann
10/29, 14:15

New Materials

Laura de Laporte, Inga Noll, Roel Huis in 't Veld, Paolo Bavaj
10/29, 14:45

Jan Frodeno – German gold-medal triathlete

Jan Frodeno
10/30, 10:15

Céline Flores – The People Branding Company

Céline Flores
10/30, 11:15

Fabian von Trotha – DvH Ventures

Fabian von Trotha
10/30, 11:30

Dr. Marco Vietor – audibene

Marco Vietor
10/30, 13:00

Accelerate NRW

Andreas Pinkwart, Oliver Grün, Matthias Notz, Alexander Hüsing, Nils Eiteneyer
10/30, 14:30